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Inner Light for the Holidays, With Lonnie Vanderslice
Rev. Anna Shouse
Winter holidays are an invitation to find the light inside us. We don‘t have to get caught up in shopping frenzies, emotionally charged memories, family tensions, or gloomy weather. Keeping our focus on our spiritual program, self-care, and supportive connections nourishes and turns up the love light inside. Special guest Lonnie Vanderslice shares how her commitment to recovery principles and Unity wisdom keeps her inner light strong and glowing. Lonnie, an ordained Unity minister and a person in long-term recovery, is the senior minister at Unity of Spirit, bringing together the spiritual principles of recovery and Unity. She is also the co-owner and vice president of Weave Gotcha Covered, a “100 Jobs” program participant. Learn more about Lonnie’s work at and in "Beyond the Walls" and "Thrice Blessed."
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