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Are You Ready to Be a Unity Online Radio Host?

  • Are you ready to take a quantum leap with your subject matter?
  • Do you want to grow and build your brand?
  • Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge with a diverse demographic?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then Unity Online Radio (UOR) is the perfect solution. Unity Online Radio reaches millions of listeners around the globe, and is recognized as the voice of authority in New Thought, progressive spirituality, and interfaith podcasting.

Key Benefits of Hosting Your Show on Unity Online Radio

By becoming a radio host, you will have the unique opportunity to distribute on-demand, targeted content to a global audience.

Our hosts are supported with the following marketing and technical tools:

  • In-house recording engineer assigned to your show.
  • Multiple format options: prerecordings, half-hour programs, and hour programs.
  • Professionally produced audio components for your program—opener, rejoiner, and closing.   
  • Personalized host page with advanced media player, along with links to your website and social platforms.
  • Professionally produced promotions for your show, cross-promoted on the network.
  • Program distribution through top-rated directories such as iTunes and Stitcher.
  • Monthly program status report
  • Access to the network program manager for coaching on a wide range of podcast and marketing topics.

What Unity Online Radio Expects From Potential Hosts:

  • Content that is spiritually enriching for UOR listeners.
  • A strong online presence established through a website and social media.
  • A committed investment of time and money to their show.

So if your show is a good fit for Unity Online Radio, then we look forward to hearing from you. Apply today and our team will get back with you.

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  • Unity Online Radio provides a platform for me to increase my reach of ministry, providing targeted listeners who are genuinely interested in the message of inspiration, faith, and hope.
  • The staff is awesome, always professional, and works with hosts to create appropriate content and programming without the loss of creative freedom.
The Call of Spirit
With Evelyn Foreman
Wednesdays at
3 p.m. CT