Affirmative Prayer

| with Rev. Beverly Molander | Monday at Noon CT
Affirmative Prayer
Dan Hoffer
Monday, January 16, 2012
Imagine having an interesting friend wherever you go—whether it’s one state or 2,000 miles away. Couch Surfing is Activating the Power of YES by blazing the trail toward a better, friendlier world where different people can find similarities. Go to to find out more, or meet Dan Hoffer, co-founder of Couch Surfing, as he explains how Couch Surfing is expanding the horizons of travelers and hosts alike. As a host in couchsurfing, Beverly has met interesting visitors and she intends to couchsurf at someone else’s house on her next trip to wherever—with millions of members in more than 230 countries and territories to choose from around the world!
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