Affirmative Prayer

| with Rev. Beverly Molander | Monday at Noon CT
Affirmative Prayer
Ukraine: "War Has Pushed Us to Find PEACE NOW and We Are Doing It"
Monday, June 15, 2015
How do we aspire to PEACE NOW when all around us there is evidence to the contrary? Rev. Barbara Leger founded Temenos Center for Spiritual Living in Ukraine and Crimea about 14 years ago, so we can only imagine the changes she and her practitioners have seen. Tackling issues surrounding war and peace, the practitioners have chosen PEACE—one practitioner, one board member, one friend, family member, or community leader at a time. Want to make a difference? Find out about becoming a partner with Ukraine or the new Crimea/Russia organization for PEACE. Attend the New Thought Conference in Ukraine August 20–24 (all-inclusive except airfare for $500 U.S.). Contact Barbara Leger at for more information. And pledge for PEACE NOW, beginning wherever you are ... with you.
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