Affirmative Prayer

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Affirmative Prayer
Water for Everyone—Including the Baby Elephants
Monday, July 6, 2015
Alisa Absullaeva, president of the Wellbeing Foundation, and Ann Basserab, its chief inspiration officer, are women of the world. Raising funds and overseeing the installation of a water well in a Maasai Village meant that the women of the village no longer had to walk five miles each way to the river and back, carrying coffee-colored water in a heavy jug, to sustain their families. Having enough water has given a new energy and vibrancy to the people in the village. Next step—baby elephants. When their parents are killed by poachers, the chances of survival are miniscule. If the babies don’t die of a broken heart, they need to be nurtured for the first eight years of their lives. has initiated a Water for Elephants movement to provide life-sustaining water while the elephants are being cared for before being released into the wild. Go to and find Water for Elephants to donate. To find out more or volunteer, go to
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