Affirmative Prayer

| with Rev. Beverly Molander | Monday at Noon CT
Affirmative Prayer
The Transformative Power of Water—Springing up to Heal Our Body, Mind, and Spirit
Monday, August 10, 2015
Elenore Snow is a psychotherapist and filmmaker whose journey with a mysterious infection of her interstitial fluid has taken her into a YES on honoring our earth’s waters. Beginning with a 40-day water fast at a natural spring in Greece, she commences on a three-year journey to experience the restorative properties of springs all over the world. Elenore says we all have traumas that need to be healed so we can transform our lives into fluid beings who can let go of control and be carried by the current of life. Listen to this beautiful show … you will find your imagination taking you to beautiful places you may have long forgotten. Reach her at and Invite her to come and visit your favorite spring!
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