Compassionate Communication

| with Scott Catamas | Archived Program
Compassionate Communication
"Oneness" and Compassionate Communication
Monday, February 28, 2011
Many of the spiritual traditions that Scott and Gabriele have explored point to the state of "ONENESS" as an achievable experience, even in the Western world. In this episode, they will discuss the specific tools available for achieving a greater state of "ONENESS," even with individuals that we are in conflict with. Of course, it does start with the self and there are very specific ways to achieve a deeper connection of PRESENCE/ONENESS. Scott and Gabriele have traveled throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, teaching and "truth seeking" and have been especially touched by the dynamic work of "THE UNIVERSITY OF ONENESS" in Southern India. Certified facilitators from that path will be joining us for this episode as well, in addition to some friends who have attended our workshops. 
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