Compassionate Communication

| with Scott Catamas | Archived Program
Compassionate Communication
How to Give and Receive Authentic Empathy and Understanding
Monday, July 19, 2010
One of the fundamental aspects of Compassionate Communication is the power of giving and receiving Empathy/Understanding. My personal definition of compassion is "to demonstrate CARE despite differences.” In nearly all situations, especially conflicts, it is when we drop from our judgmental minds to our compassionate hearts that things soften and change in a wonderful way. Today's program will give listeners very specific tools for giving and receiving empathy. Scott will demonstrate different forms of authentic care and compassionate listening with his guests on the show. We will also practice self-empathy and the ways to fill our own wells of support and understanding. Scott teaches throughout the United States and has received scores of testimonials about how empathy has changed people's lives and relationships. Prior to the show, listeners are encouraged to go to and download the free worksheets on Feelings and Universal Human Needs.
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