Compassionate Communication

| with Scott Catamas | Archived Program
Compassionate Communication
 Learning to Be Compassionate With Ourselves
Monday, September 20, 2010
Today’s episode will focus on the value of Compassionate Communication for ourselves. Scott's special guest will be Lasare, calling in from England. She is a popular radio show host there, with her own program called Inspirations With Lasare. Also joining us will be Scott's wife Gabriele. We will demonstrate examples of self-empathy, which can completely change one's attitude and experience of life. These are simple, practical tools that help us to love and accept ourselves, even when we are sad, angry, disappointed or triggered. We will also touch on forgiveness of self. Prior to the show, listeners are encouraged to go to  and download free worksheets that will help them to understand and practice the tools of Compassionate Communication.
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