Compassionate Communication

| with Scott Catamas | Archived Program
Compassionate Communication
Love, Intimacy and Sacred Sexuality 
Monday, October 11, 2010
This episode features two very special guest speakers: lga Aura and Shama Helena. We will be exploring how to create greater love, intimacy and sacred sexuality in your life THROUGH Compassion. This is for singles as well as couples. The tools of Compassionate Communication include learning how to “self-source.” Learn how empathy (for self and for others) can open doors that have been closed. This show will also explore our profound connection to the Divine. Scott, Olga and Shama each have been teaching classes and workshops on union with the "Eternal Beloved" for many years. Each individual's relationship to the Divine is unique; we will offer tools for connecting to the great love within ourselves. You can learn more about Olga Aura through her web site Helena teaches Compassionate Communication and Sacred Sexuality in Southern California and can be reached at Prior to the show, listeners are encouraged to go to and download free worksheets that will help you to understand and practice the tools of Compassionate Communication.
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