Healing Your Life With Dr. Chris Michaels

| with Dr. Chris Michaels | Monday at 11 a.m. CT
Healing Your Life With Dr. Chris Michaels
Birgit and Diana, Week 5
Monday, August 12, 2013
We are blessed to be witnesses as Birgit and Diana expand their awareness and connection
to their Source.

Birgit does not want to label herself as wounded or codependent any longer. She is feeling better about her life, building healthier boundaries, and going out in the world to have fun. She is recovering and discovering herself again as wholeness.

Diana is moving deeper into her spiritual work. She is comfortable now with the larger picture of what healing can look like. The key to healing is love and joy. She is committed to loving herself through the process. Each morning she will push her “reset” button and be present for the joy and love that are available for every day of her journey.
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