Living in Joy

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Living in Joy
Gorgeous for God: Transformation Through "A Course in Miracles"
Friday, April 28, 2017
Are you ready for enlightenment? Are you ready to make a decision for your life to change? Are you willing to see yourself and the world differently? "Gorgeous for God" is Lisa Natoli's story of spiritual awakening, a personal account of her journey to enlightenment. It is a very ordinary story. Things happened slowly—there were no bells or whistles. No going into the light. No near-death experience. No angels. No chants, affirmations, or complicated formulas. It was a decision to undergo the mind-training of A Course in Miracles and do exactly as it instructed, to dedicate one year to practicing all 365 workbook lessons. This show is the kickoff party to a free one-month book study of Gorgeous for God in May 2017. In this one-hour show, Lisa reads from the preface and introduction and talks about the necessity for trust and stillness in a spiritual path. 
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