Metaphysical Romp

| with Rev. Paul Hasselbeck | Monday at 10 a.m. CT
Metaphysical Romp
The Fourth Dimension Series: Lessons 5 and 6
Tuesday, June 11, 2013
This week we do an overview of lessons 5 and 6 from the series “The Fourth Dimension and Its Uses by Man.” The important ideas, concepts, and affirmations from these lessons are shared. Here are the affirmations:
·        All power is given unto me in mind and body.—Lesson 5, Charles Fillmore
·        The royal majesty, mastery, and dominion of God is enthroned in me, and I wisely make manifest the life and substance of the luminiferous ether, the Kingdom of God.—Lesson 6, Charles Fillmore
·        I daily praise the Invisible Good that is bringing the ships of prosperity into my harbor.—Cora Dedrick
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