Metaphysical Romp

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Metaphysical Romp
It's a Good Thing
Tuesday, August 2, 2016
Today we reviewed Chapter 25 from Get Over These!“It’s a God thing.” Next we continued with our romp of Chapter 4 ("Consciousness: A Cosmic Property") of Lothar Schafer’s book, Infinite Potential, mostly focusing on the section titled How the Cosmic Consciousness Reveals Itself in the Wholeness of the Universe. We got into the importance of our always having a choice, and we did some tweaking of Lothar’s language! Then we shared a little bit of how Infinite Potential, Consciousness, and the physical world just might not be sequential but could be simultaneous. We wrapped it up with the Absolute Word from July 31, 2016—"Prayer." The entire text of the Absolute Word can be found at Remember to check out for new information and to post your thoughts.
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