Metaphysical Romp

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Metaphysical Romp
The Principle of Desire
Tuesday, October 4, 2016
We continued our look at principles (spiritual facts or spiritual constants) found in the published works of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. We looked at the Principle of Desire, better known as the Power of Love in the Twelve Powers. We explored how desire underlies all manifestation and how it is the principle underlying the law of mind action. We romped with Lothar Schafer in Part 2 ("Living in This Reality," Chapter 5: Darwin Was Wrong: Evolution Needs Quantum Selection and Cooperation.) We put a more positive spin on Darwin’s contribution in that his view of evolution, based on classical physics, challenged the spiritual beliefs of his time. The Absolute Word was from Sunday, October 2—"Compassion." The entire text of the Absolute Word can be found at Remember to check out for new information and to post your thoughts.
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