Metaphysical Romp

| with Rev. Paul Hasselbeck | Tuesday at 2 p.m. CT
Metaphysical Romp
The Faculties of Mind
Tuesday, November 29, 2011
This week we return to exploring a very early Twelve Powers talk given on April 10, 1910, entitled “The Faculties of Mind.” Even though we started this on November 15, we start from the beginning today. Fillmore shares about the purpose of the Powers, how they are paired up and why. He also shares how the disciples represent “the history of the development of a higher consciousness in man.”  Two key ideas that Fillmore shared: 1) “So each of these faculties are often possessed of adverse thought.” 2) “All these faculties have to be educated and instructed.” We wrap up with The Revealing Word, beginning with “Eden, Garden of” and going to “egotism.”
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