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Maggie and Angie, Week Five
Dr. Chris Michaels
Maggie and Angie have made wonderful progress working with Dr. Chris the past five weeks. They have achieved powerful and measurable results thanks to their commitment to their healing and spiritual practice.
Maggie is a happier person today than she was five weeks ago. In her own words, she is joyful, loves herself more, is present, and her voice is coming back! With her doctor’s approval, she has reduced her intake of Paxil without negative side effects. She is back to work and engaged in the career that she had avoided while she was struggling with depression. We are thrilled for her and very proud of the hard work she has demonstrated.
Angie was having a hard time with her love and joy challenge so she decided to write about it. Writing unleashed her feelings and helped her to get in touch with what makes her happy. She is a very creative person who needs a creative outlet that is about receiving good instead of service to others. She is a master at service to others but she will strive to practice the art of receiving until it is comfortable and integrated into her life. 
It has been a pleasure to work with these two women on Healing Your Life.  Don't miss the last show with Maggie, Angie, and Dr. Chris!
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