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The Dr. Evelyn Higgins Show 11:00 AM CT
The Dr. Evelyn Higgins Show with Dr. Evelyn Higgins
Episode: Gratitude Cultivation at Work to Change Your Daily Life

In this episode, Dr. Higgins shares the sad but true fact that we, as Americans, are less likely to say “thanks” on the job than anywhere else. This hurts the worker, coworker, and company bottom line in productivity. Dr. Evelyn talks about the reasons behind the “why” this may be and discusses action steps to change this disempowering habit. People spend the greatest portion of our waking hours on the job; lets make it better and more productive on every level. 
Affirmative Prayer 12:00 PM CT
Affirmative Prayer with Rev. Beverly Molander
Episode: Affirmative Prayer

Tune in for today's episode.
Spiritual Naturopathy 2:00 PM CT
Spiritual Naturopathy with Michael Schwartz
Episode: Autoimmune Diseases

In this episode, our host begins to examine the most common autoimmune diseases. He believes there is no such thing as an autoimmune disease. He says the body is doing exactly as it should to protect itself. Tune in to learn more about this phenomenon in the body. Today's discussion starts with alopecia (baldness).
Divinely Inspired Living 9:00 AM CT
Divinely Inspired Living with Debra Moffitt
Episode: Telling a New Story for Humanity, With Gregg Braden

What if all of the stories told by sciences and society about our origins and our capacities are wrong? New discoveries about the emergence of humanity are changing our story. Author Gregg Braden shares this groundbreaking information and empowers us by revealing how to access our extraordinary abilities and reassess who we truly are.
A Course in Miracles 10:00 AM CT
A Course in Miracles with Rev. Jennifer Hadley
Episode: Special Love Relationship

The “special” relationship offers the ego the promise of safe-haven and relief from suffering, and yet its chief delivery is the opportunity to learn through pain. A Course in Miracles leads us out of the pain of the unholy relationship into the heaven of the holy relationship. In this week’s episode, Jennifer Hadley shares her own experience of being duped by the ego into choosing pain instead of gain. Each week, Jennifer offers helpful tips and clear tools to aid us in a practical application of spiritual principle in order to truly live A Course in Miracles. Now is the time for us to choose to walk the talk and live the Love in our relationships! To learn more about A Course in Miracles, please visit JenniferHadley.com.  For the transcript of this episode and more, please visit LivingACourseinMiracles.com.
Touching the Stillness 11:00 AM CT
Touching the Stillness with Rev. Paulette Pipe
Episode: Encore

Encore presentation.
Unity Classic Radio 12:00 PM CT
Unity Classic Radio with Rev. Bob Brach
Episode: Forgiveness and Health

Today's talk from Charles Fillmore was one he gave on Sunday, January 15, 1928, at the Unity Church in Kansas City, Missouri. He uses the story of the paralyzed man being lowered through the roof by his friends for Jesus of Nazareth to heal as told by the writer of the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 2. Mr. Fillmore addresses the connection between "sin" or error thinking, or "missing the mark" as the Greek word used in the Bible means, to sickness in our bodies. The talk is titled "Forgiveness and Health." Enjoy. 
World Spirituality 1:00 PM CT
World Spirituality with Rev. Paul John Roach
Episode: Sekhmet

Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess, with healer and teacher Nicki Scully.
Metaphysical Romp 2:00 PM CT
Metaphysical Romp with Rev. Paul Hasselbeck
Episode: Join Us on Your Spiritual Journey: Exploring Universal Laws, Principles, and Spiritual Teachings for Everybody

Listen in on a lively discussion around the “virtual kitchen table” of Rev. Drs. Bil and Cher Holton and Paul Hasselbeck. The topics are spiritual and not religious, dogmatic nor doctrinaire! Learn practical spiritual teachings, laws, and principles for everyday life. Each week, grow in your spiritual understanding and expand your consciousness. Get ready to think and explore outside the box. Go beyond merely seeking answers to your questions and begin questioning your answers.
The Evolving Peacemaker 3:00 PM CT
The Evolving Peacemaker with Rev. Leona Evans and Matthew J. Evans
Episode: Do Unto Others

Leona and Matthew discuss the painful issues around sexual harassment in the workplace and the spiritual principles that can help those affected find inner peace and a renewed sense of self-worth. They also share tools for forgiveness.
Spirit of Recovery 4:00 PM CT
Spirit of Recovery with Rev. Anna Shouse
Episode: We Are One in Spirit, We Are Community

The more we realize we are one in Spirit, the stronger our recovery and the more fully we can bless others. Special guest Grandmother Mary Lyons, Ojibwe Elder, Grandmothers Council Member, and member of Women of Wellbriety International, shares wisdom teachings on the spiritual oneness of all people. Grandmother Mary is Niiah-Nibi-Ikwe “Second Water Woman,” Elder of Mitigwakk-Daywaygus-Giwstashskad “Water Drum Circle,” senior member of the “Top Hat Medicine Dress/Long Skirt Society,” spiritual advisor, storyteller, and wisdom teacher.
Truth Transforms 10:00 AM CT
Truth Transforms with Rev. Gaylon McDowell
Episode: Spirituality in the World: Part 14

Rev. Jay Neale, executive director/pastor at Tri-City Religious Science Center and the lead actor of the movie The Science of Ernest's Mind, will be discussing the Science of Mind philosophy of Ernest Holmes and how he teaches divine law for better living. 
The Intentional Spirit ... Seeing and Being 1:00 PM CT
The Intentional Spirit ... Seeing and Being with Rev. Temple Hayes
Episode: Encore

Encore presentation.
Main Street Vegan 2:00 PM CT
Main Street Vegan with Victoria Moran
Episode: Strategic Veganism + Plant-Based Foods in Institutions

Tobias Leenaert, "the Vegan Strategist," joins us from Brussels, and Balance Foods' Audrey Sanchez shares about vegan foods for schools, hospitals, and so on.
The Call of Spirit 3:00 PM CT
The Call of Spirit with Evelyn Foreman
Episode: Permission to Express: Self-Healing Through the Various Modalities of Art

Join Revs. Evelyn Foreman and Jeniffer Hutchins, founding minister of Unity Arts Ministry, as they discuss the inner and outer functions of art as expression. Beyond prayer, they touch on areas of art as modalities to process experiences of loss, grief, and pain. In addition, they explore the question of how we can come together as community in the changing and dynamic times of today. They share the spiritual nudge that calls us forward into a more insightful, intuitive aspect of our being. Candidly, Revs. Evelyn and Jeniffer share their personal practice of allowing guidance to lead expression, fostering greater authenticity and awareness. The episode concludes with a beautiful guided meditation to return to the healing Light within us all.
Creative Spirit 4:00 PM CT
Creative Spirit with Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon
Episode: Creative Spirit

Tune in for today's episode.
Funniest Thing! 5:00 PM CT
Funniest Thing! with Darrell Fusaro and Edward Biagiotti
Episode: We’re Movin’ on Up! With Joy Perrie

Forgiveness attracts love, freedom, and affluence by keeping the positive stream of life free from obstruction. The director of Silent Unity®, Joy Perrie, brings fast-acting relief to whatever ails you with today's Daily Word®, "Forgive."
The Yoga Hour 10:00 AM CT
The Yoga Hour with Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian
Episode: Energize Your Practice

How can we experience rapid, authentic spiritual growth? How can we keep our practice steady and strong? Whether we are new to the spiritual path or are rededicating ourselves to a practice of many years duration, Kriya yoga offers practical spiritual principles, lifestyle guidelines, and meditation techniques that allow us to live a life that is of value to ourselves, to others around us, to the environment, and to the world. Join guest host Dr. Laurel Trujillo and Roy Eugene Davis, direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, as they discuss how energizing and deepening your spiritual practice allows you to live the life you were meant to live.    
Michael Chatman 11:00 AM CT
Michael Chatman with Michael Chatman
Episode: Michael Chatman

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The Soul-Directed Life 1:00 PM CT
The Soul-Directed Life with Janet Conner
Episode: Estelle Frankel—The Wisdom of Not Knowing

October Theme: How do we live The 9 Containers of Love?

Estelle Frankel is a scholar and teacher of Jewish mysticism, a practicing psychotherapist, and the author of an important book, The Wisdom of Not Knowing. Instead of being afraid of the unknown, Estelle calls us to embrace uncertainty, even relish that space of darkness. 
New World Now 2:00 PM CT
New World Now with Kim Corbin
Episode: Opening to Meditation, With Diana Lang

Drawing on her wide experience studying spiritual teachings from around the world, Opening to Meditation author Diana Lang teaches a gentle, guided approach to meditation that is very easy to implement. In this inspiring interview, she promises that meditating is as simple as breathing and explains how we can reconnect with our foundational essence of soul and self, where peace and centeredness are always and everywhere available.
Spirit Voyage with Ramdesh 4:00 PM CT
Spirit Voyage with Ramdesh with Ramdesh Kaur
Episode: Spirit Voyage with Ramdesh

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From Grief to Grace 5:00 PM CT
From Grief to Grace with Chaz Wesley
Episode: From Grief to Grace

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Entitled to Miracles 9:00 AM CT
Entitled to Miracles with Rev. Deb Phelps
Episode: Entitled to Miracles

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De Viaje con Revana 10:00 AM CT
De Viaje con Revana with Rev. Ana Quintana
Episode: De Viaje con Revana

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Pure Presence Book Club 11:00 AM CT
Pure Presence Book Club with Bill Free
Episode: Pure Presence Book Club

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Everyday Attraction 12:00 PM CT
Everyday Attraction with Rae Zander and Heather McKay Novak
Episode: Everyday Attraction

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Living in Joy 2:00 PM CT
Living in Joy with Lisa Natoli
Episode: Living in Joy

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