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Affirmative Prayer 12:00 PM CT
Affirmative Prayer with Rev. Beverly Molander
Episode: Affirmative Prayer

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The Dr. Evelyn Higgins Show 1:00 PM CT
The Dr. Evelyn Higgins Show with Dr. Evelyn Higgins
Episode: Dr. Higgins’ Prescription For Life

In this episode, Dr. Evelyn Higgins will discuss what she calls her Prescription For Life, utilizing her Four-Pillar Approach System. She tells us that health is more than simply the absence of disease and says we must have a balance of physical, emotional, intellectual as well as spiritual wellness to truly have health. Citing the fact that we consume half the world’s pharmaceuticals, and make up only five percent of the planet and rank 42nd in longevity as a result of a pharmaceutical approach gives her a strong foundation to say health does not lie in a pill. In this episode she will educate, motivate, and inspire you into better health.

Spiritual Naturopathy 2:00 PM CT
Spiritual Naturopathy with Michael Schwartz
Episode: Spiritual Naturopathy

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Divinely Inspired Living 9:00 AM CT
Divinely Inspired Living with Debra Moffitt
Episode: Making Friends With Change—Light Meditation and Mantra for Reflection and Protection

Do you feel uncomfortable with change? Who doesn't? It moves us out of our comfort zones and into the unfamiliar, unknown. Using the Gayatri prayer of protection and the ancient Jyothi light meditation, Debra creates a sacred space and invites you on a journey inward to explore how you react to change. She invites you to become more self-aware as a way to experience change in an empowering way and move out of fear. She offers three practical keys to empower you in your life right now. Find out more and sign up for the meditation group at debramoffitt.com.
A Course in Miracles 10:00 AM CT
A Course in Miracles with Rev. Jennifer Hadley
Episode: What Is the Ego?

Do we truly know what the ego is? ACIM students are often referring to the ego, but seldom do they ever discussed what the ego actually is. A Course in Miracles tells us in various ways how to recognize, consider, and dissolve the ego. Having a clear understanding can be additional help in “undoing” the ego. In this week’s episode, Jennifer Hadley shares what ACIM says about what the ego is and ways to recognize its grip on your attention. Each week, Jennifer offers helpful tips and clear tools to aid us in a practical application of these ACIM teachings in order to truly live A Course in Miracles. Now is the time for us to choose to walk the talk and live the Love! To learn more about A Course in Miracles, please visit JenniferHadley.com.
Touching the Stillness 11:00 AM CT
Touching the Stillness with Rev. Paulette Pipe
Episode: Take Two: If I Were Brave

This first podcast pick in our new Take Two series is “If I Were Brave,” which originally aired in December of 2009. It was selected by our host as a reminder of how, with no visible safety net, she took a leap of faith into the unknown. And now, seven years later, we get to celebrate how this audacious, bold, and courageous risk not only turned out well for her but also ended up being a blessing for many.   

Click here to listen to this encore podcast.
Unity Classic Radio 12:00 PM CT
Unity Classic Radio with Rev. Bob Brach
Episode: Encore

Encore presentation.
World Spirituality 1:00 PM CT
World Spirituality with Rev. Paul John Roach
Episode: Start Right Where You Are

How little changes can make a big difference, with author Sam Bennett.
Metaphysical Romp 2:00 PM CT
Metaphysical Romp with Rev. Paul Hasselbeck
Episode: The Power of Judgment

This week we dove in deep with the (Principle? Divine idea?) Power of Judgment, our innate ability to evaluate. In Lothar Schafer’s book, we focused on the importance of being sensitive to what is reasonable, meaningful to do, and “whether what we are doing is true or false, meaningful or meaningless, authentic or inauthentic, and wholesome or making us sick."

The Absolute Word, "Release," is from January 15, 2017. It can be found at paulhasselbeck.com as my weekly blog. You can find more information at bit.ly/metaromp.
Vibrant Living: Life Coaching With Carla 3:00 PM CT
Vibrant Living: Life Coaching With Carla with Carla McClellan
Episode: Vibrant Living: Life Coaching With Carla

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Spirit of Recovery 4:00 PM CT
Spirit of Recovery with Rev. Anna Shouse
Episode: Keep It Simple, Sweetie!

Simplicity is the key to serenity. When life gets complicated, take a breath, let go, and let order into your day. Without the frenzy you will have plenty of power to create a fulfilling day. Special guest Peggy K. is a family member affected by the disease of addiction. She is in her own long-term recovery as a family member. She is a Unity minister, committed to her own spiritual growth and to facilitating the spiritual growth of others. Peggy shares spiritual insights and practices that ground us in serenity. 
Truth Transforms 10:00 AM CT
Truth Transforms with Rev. Gaylon McDowell
Episode: Encore

Encore presentation.
The Intentional Spirit ... Seeing and Being 1:00 PM CT
The Intentional Spirit ... Seeing and Being with Rev. Temple Hayes
Episode: The Catalyst Behind House of Brigh

Orion Foxwood grew up with the second sight in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, an area rife with the folk practices of the southern and Appalachian tradition. He is a witch and Elder in Romano Celtic-Traditional Craft, High Priest in Alexandrian Wicca, and teacher of the Faery Seership tradition. He is also the founding Elder of Foxwood Temple and a primary founder of the Alliance of the Old Religion, a national network of covens in his line that have united to preserve the ways of his Elders.
He was the codirector of Moonridge, a center for metaphysical, Craft, and Faery studies in Maryland. For more than 20 years, he has lectured extensively across the United States and in the United Kingdom on the Craft, Faery Seership Tradition, Southern Folk Magic, and conjure. He is the author of The Faery Teachings (R.J. Stewart Books, 2007), a collaborative CD project with R.J. Stewart named Faery Seership and is author of The Tree of Enchantment (Weiser books, 2008).
Main Street Vegan 2:00 PM CT
Main Street Vegan with Victoria Moran
Episode: McDougall's Medicine + DIY Beauty

Legendary internist and author John McDougall, M.D., joins me with his no-nonsense take on what's killing people and the planet and what to do about it. We open with the charming Sunny Subramanian, vegan beauty expert behind the Vegan Beauty Review blog and coauthor of The Compassionate Chicken's Guide to DIY Beauty.
The Call of Spirit 3:00 PM CT
The Call of Spirit with Evelyn Foreman
Episode: Power of the Heart, With Rev. David McArthur

Start the new year right and go directly to you heart space. Revs. Evelyn Foreman and David McArthur talk about the intelligence of the spiritual heart and the practice that can bring you immediate peace, freedom, and spiritual connection. Rev. David talks to us about his new book, The Spiritual Heart, revealing how we access our spiritual nature through our physical heart.
Creative Spirit 4:00 PM CT
Creative Spirit with Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon
Episode: Encore

Encore presentation.
Funniest Thing! 5:00 PM CT
Funniest Thing! with Darrell Fusaro and Edward Biagiotti
Episode: The Bold and the Beautiful, With Kenneth Gray

It's time to let forgiveness give you an extreme makeover. Instead of sitting in the dark, playing reruns of past hurts and regrets, turn on the light of forgiveness. You will boldly go where you've never gone before, looking more attractive than ever. Minister Kenneth Gray shares his spiritual beauty tips as he joins us to read and discuss today's Daily Word®, "Forgive."
The Yoga Hour 10:00 AM CT
The Yoga Hour with Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian
Episode: Yoga’s Path to Living With Higher Purpose

What does it mean to live in the highest way? How can the practices of yoga help us to live in harmony with our own self as well as others? Join Yogacharya O’Brian and her special guest Edwin Bryant, author of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: A New Edition, Translation and Commentary as they discuss how insights and practices from the Yoga Sutras can help us live our higher purpose. It is not difficult to live a spiritually conscious, fulfilled life in today’s complex world. Tune in and find out how!
Michael Chatman 11:00 AM CT
Michael Chatman with Michael Chatman
Episode: Discovering an Appreciation for Life

Marnie Grundman is the author of Missing: A True Story of a Childhood Lost. She shares her personal story of survival and success. It is a story about suffering, rising up against all odds, and discovering an appreciation for life.
The Soul-Directed Life 1:00 PM CT
The Soul-Directed Life with Janet Conner
Episode: Meghan Don—Embodying the Divine in Ecstatic Sacred Dance

First Container of Love: The Divine-Human
Meghan Don is an initiate of the Sophian Lineage and founder of the Gnostic Grace Circle. After a personal encounter with Mary Magdalene, she began a lifelong mystical walk with the Divine Feminine. Meghan is an award-winning author, spiritual mentor, and retreat leader. She guides her mentees and retreatants to recognize themselves as the connector between earthly wisdom and heavenly wisdom. Her books include the exquisite The New Divine Feminine, Meditations With Teresa of Avila, and Sacred Companions Sacred Community: Reflections With Clare of Assisi.
New World Now 2:00 PM CT
New World Now with Kim Corbin
Episode: New World Now

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Spirit Voyage with Ramdesh 4:00 PM CT
Spirit Voyage with Ramdesh with Ramdesh Kaur
Episode: Mirabai Ceiba: Ojos Como Estrellas

Angelika from Mirabai Ceiba joins Ramdesh to share songs from their children's album Ojos Como Estrellas ("Eyes Like Stars")! Enjoy Spanish and English songs as well as Native American chants!
From Grief to Grace 5:00 PM CT
From Grief to Grace with Chaz Wesley
Episode: Faith It Till You Make It

On today’s journey From Grief to Grace, host Chaz Wesley shares how the spiritual faculty of faith becomes an action step we can take as we affirm that the healing, loving presence of the Divine is working to bring peace and harmony in the midst of chaos and fear.
Entitled to Miracles 9:00 AM CT
Entitled to Miracles with Rev. Deb Phelps
Episode: Entitled to Miracles

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Pure Presence: The Power of Being Free 11:00 AM CT
Pure Presence: The Power of Being Free with Bill Free
Episode: Pure Presence: The Power of Being Free

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Everyday Attraction 12:00 PM CT
Everyday Attraction with Rae Zander and Heather McKay Novak
Episode: Everyday Attraction

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Positive Power of Spirituality 1:00 PM CT
Positive Power of Spirituality with Rev. David Hulse
Episode: Positive Power of Spirituality

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Living in Joy 2:00 PM CT
Living in Joy with Lisa Natoli
Episode: What Is Enlightenment?

Are you enlightened? How do you know? How can you tell if you (or someone else) is enlightened? Come be enlightened! Join Max and Lisa for this talk about what enlightenment looks like, what it feels like. A Course in Miracles tells us: "Enlightenment is but a recognition, not a change at all." The peace of God is shining in you now. Those who seek the light are merely covering their eyes. Max and Lisa will also talk about addiction, how old and unwanted behaviors fall away easily with no effort. Finally, and most important: They discuss their love of the Green Bay Packers and their admiration for Aaron Rodgers. 
For more information about A Course in Miracles and the Teachers of God Foundation, please visit teachersofgod.org.

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