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Affirmative Prayer 12:00 PM CT
Affirmative Prayer with Rev. Beverly Molander
Episode: Happily Ever After—and Other Myths About Love!

Linda and Charlie Bloom got married in 1972. They have plenty of ideas about the myths that surround that "happy union." They also have suggestions about how to live a realistic and happy life together, as described in their book, Happily Ever After... and 39 Other Myths About Love. Beverly's 87-year-old mother-in-law Erma Savage joins us with the toast she offered her grandson and his bride. After being married for 67 years to Shep Savage, she knows the difference between myth and reality!
Spiritual Naturopathy 2:00 PM CT
Spiritual Naturopathy with Michael Schwartz
Episode: The Dangers of Excess Weight for the Cardiovascular System and Overall Health

Discover the three main emotional causes of weight gain and what you can do about them. Learn about natural techniques and supplements for reducing weight, eliminating excess water, and fat-burning and diet control.
Let's Get Naked 3:00 PM CT
Let's Get Naked with Rev. Heidi Alfrey
Episode: Judaism Without the "-ism"

For those of you who enjoyed our passionate discussion on modern Judaism with Rabbi Tom Samuels this past week at Unity in Chicago, you're in for a treat! Rev. Heidi will have another lively discussion with him today. Tune in and embrace the inherently beautiful messiness of Life!
Awakened Living Radio 5:00 PM CT
Awakened Living Radio with TJ Woodward
Episode: Week 3: Conscious Recovery: The Fragmented Self

Conscious Recovery is a powerful 12-week radio series hosted by TJ Woodward. It provides groundbreaking spiritual insights that will assist you in diving deeper into the root causes of addiction and support you in breaking free of lifelong destructive patterns. The result is a life overflowing with connection, love, and freedom. 

In today's episode, TJ Woodward discusses fragmentation and how it leads to addiction in many forms. He will address the following principles: Separation From the Essential Self, The Power of Language, Core False Beliefs, Brilliant Strategies.
A Course in Miracles 10:00 AM CT
A Course in Miracles with Rev. Jennifer Hadley
Episode: Ending the Fear of Love

Fear of Love is what many people suffer from and may not even know it. Many or most of the choices we make each day are to separate us from Love and to deny Love’s Presence. A Course in Miracles leads us from the fear of Love to Perfect Love. In this week’s episode, Jennifer Hadley shares simple steps to release the fear of Love and embrace the awakening! Each week, Jennifer offers clear tips and tools to help us in a practical application of these ACIM teachings in order to truly live A Course in Miracles and live a life of profound Peace with ease and grace! To learn more about A Course in Miracles, please visiit JenniferHadley.com.
Touching the Stillness 11:00 AM CT
Touching the Stillness with Rev. Paulette Pipe
Episode: We All Need a Prayer

Having just experienced the first—and fabulous—Silent Unity® Retreat at Unity Village, our host gets together with its presenter, Silent Unity Interim Vice President Rev. Patricia Bass, to reminisce on some of the retreat's highlights and share with listeners Rev. Patricia's easy three-step building block method for creating powerful affirmations.
Unity Classic Radio 12:00 PM CT
Unity Classic Radio with Rev. Bob Brach
Episode: True Spiritual Judgment

Today's material is an undated talk or written piece from Charles Fillmore on the topic of judgment. It is titled "True Spiritual Judgment." My wife, Rev. Margie Brach, will be joining me for the show. We truly love doing these once-a-month shows together and hope you enjoy them too.
World Spirituality 1:00 PM CT
World Spirituality with Rev. Paul John Roach
Episode: Peace in Uncertainty

Host Paul John Roach talks about the current state of the world and how to live serenely amid the apparent strain and stress.
Metaphysical Romp 2:00 PM CT
Metaphysical Romp with Rev. Paul Hasselbeck
Episode: Count It All Joy

We had a fun show as we went deep into metaphysics and application playing with the phrase, “Count it all joy,” from our book Get Over These, too! Then we launched into Lothar Schafer’s book, Infinite PotentialWhat Quantum Physics Reveals About How We Should Live, drawing out the importance of “wherever matter and energy appear, the aspects of potentiality also appear." We also questioned some of Lothar’s answers assuming his own embedded theology was seeping in! The Absolute Word—“True Nature”—came from Sunday, May 1, 2016. These can be found at paulhasselbeck.com. You can get more information and post questions and comments at bit.ly/metaromp.
Vibrant Living: Life Coaching With Carla 3:00 PM CT
Vibrant Living: Life Coaching With Carla with Carla McClellan
Episode: A Blueprint For Success

We will be joined by special guest Maria Nemeth.
Spirit of Recovery 4:00 PM CT
Spirit of Recovery with Rev. Anna Shouse
Episode: The Soldier’s Heart Model of Transformation

Special guest Edward Tick, Ph.D., cofounder with his wife Kate Dalstedt, M.A., of Soldier’s Heart and author of War and the Soul, has worked with veterans for more than 30 years. He coleads powerful healing workshops for military veterans, family members, and healing professionals. These experiences integrate psychological, spiritual, and relational approaches that address the whole person and the fabric of the larger community. Dr. Tick also coleads journeys of healing and reconciliation to Vietnam and Greece. He shares how the power of spiritual healing helps veterans recover and rebuild a transformed sense of self, shrink trauma, and restore wounded dimensions of soul and world. Dr. Tick presented a post-traumatic stress disorder healing workshop at Unity Village on March 16. Learn more about his work at soldiersheart.net.
Truth Transforms 10:00 AM CT
Truth Transforms with Rev. Gaylon McDowell
Episode: How to Have "Unexpected" Income! Part 5

This episode focuses on Chapters 8 and 9 of the book How to Have "Unexpected" Income! By John Wolcott Adams.
The Intentional Spirit ... Seeing and Being 1:00 PM CT
The Intentional Spirit ... Seeing and Being with Rev. Temple Hayes
Episode: Toni Bernhard

Our lives can take an unexpected turn at any moment. Mine did in 2001: I got sick with what the doctors initially diagnosed as an acute viral infection—but have yet to recover. I was a law professor for 22 years at the University of California—Davis until the illness forced me to retire. During those 22 years, I served six years as the law school’s dean of students. I had a long-standing Buddhist practice and coled a weekly meditation group with my husband (who’s also named Tony!).
I never expected to become an author but, faced with learning to live a new life, I wrote How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers. Truth be told, I began it as a manual for myself, but when I shared parts of it with others, they encouraged me to turn it into a book. And so I did. To my surprise and delight, it has garnered a worldwide following and has won two Nautilus Book Awards: a gold medal in self-help/psychology and a silver medal in memoir. It was also named one of the "Best Books of 2010" by Spirituality and Practice.
Main Street Vegan 2:00 PM CT
Main Street Vegan with Victoria Moran
Episode: Matthew Kenney Cooks and an Abolitionist Vegan Shares Her Views

We chat with celebrity chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author Matthew Kenney, weighing in on his latest culinary projects and his commitment to plant-based living. Then we meet Sarah Woodcock, a devout abolitionist vegan who explains this philosophy and her organization, The Advocacy of Veganism Society (TAVS).
The Call of Spirit 3:00 PM CT
The Call of Spirit with Evelyn Foreman
Episode: Encore

Encore presentation.
Creative Spirit 4:00 PM CT
Creative Spirit with Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon
Episode: Creativity and Personal Symbols: Discover, Connect, Inspire

Katy Atchison describes herself as "an idea machine, a creative motivator, a visual designer and illustrator, and a mighty leader and art director for the art collective, SF Etsy." Born to a potter and a textile artist, Katy has been keeping the outside of her hands dirty with paint, marker, and pastel for as long as she can remember. Her passion comes from teaching people how to find their creative spirit during one of her classes and also helping communities of artists connect and inspire each other ... and in this insightful interview, you'll find out how to do that too!
Funniest Thing! 5:00 PM CT
Funniest Thing! with Darrell Fusaro and Edward Biagiotti
Episode: Drop the Weight and Feel Great for Summer, With Kenneth Gray

We naturally rise to new heights as soon as we're willing to trust that the Universe is working on our behalf. Darrell and Ed share examples of how trusting God gives them the confidence to drop the mental baggage and experience better-than-expected outcomes. Kenneth Gray stops by from the Center for Spiritual Living in Inglewood, California, to read and discuss today's Daily Word®, "Grace."
The Yoga Hour 10:00 AM CT
The Yoga Hour with Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian
Episode: Living Our Spirituality

What happens when we move spirituality from the periphery to the center of our life? When our practice is not an isolated time of meditation, but part of everything that we do? Pravrajika Vrajaprana, author of Vedanta: A Simple Introduction, joins Yogacharya O’Brian for a conversation about how we can move from compartmentalized spiritual practice to living in divine awareness all the time, regardless of our activities. Tune in and learn what steps you can take to live your spirituality every day!
Michael Chatman 11:00 AM CT
Michael Chatman with Michael Chatman
Episode: Michael Chatman

Tune in for today's episode.
The Soul-Directed Life 1:00 PM CT
The Soul-Directed Life with Janet Conner
Episode: Michael Lennox—What Are Our Shadows Trying to Tell Us in Our Dreams?

Big Question: How can I embrace the wisdom of my shadows?
Dr. Michael Lennox is one of the most sought-after dream interpreters in the United States. His first book Dream Sight awakened us to the realm of dreams. His second, Llewellyn’s Complete Dictionary of Dreams, interprets the meaning of more than 1,000 dream symbols. He joins us to help us recognize our shadows and understand what they are trying to teach us in our dreams. 
Spirit Voyage with Ramdesh 4:00 PM CT
Spirit Voyage with Ramdesh with Ramdesh Kaur
Episode: Kundalini Mantras for Relieving Stress

Ramdesh Kaur leads you through a variety of beautiful Kundalini mantras for relieving stress, calming your mind, and relaxing your body. Listen to music by Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, Nirinjan Kaur, and Ajeet Kaur. We'll feature the mantras Suniai, Har Har Mukunday, Bhaj Man Mere, and Antarjaamee. 
From Grief to Grace 5:00 PM CT
From Grief to Grace with Chaz Wesley
Episode: From Grief to Grace

Tune in for today's episode.
Entitled to Miracles 9:00 AM CT
Entitled to Miracles with Rev. Deb Phelps
Episode: Entitled to Miracles

Tune in for today's episode.
From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy® 10:00 AM CT
From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy® with Dr. Amelia Kemp
Episode: The Song of Life—How Your Verse Matters!

As we continue with our series on uplifting the self-esteem of mankind, we are attempting to remind the world that each soul that has come forth is a divine, magnificent being within the song of life, and that your verse matters. To assist Dr. Kemp in driving home this crucial point is the world-renowned Juilliard-trained vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kristin Hoffmann. She has worked on numerous projects to protect the environment including the Bella Gaia project with NASA and the Emoto Peace Project concert in Tokyo. Her songs have been used in television shows such as Dawson's Creek and others. She is also a UR2.Global Community Board Liaison and music consultant to the project.
Pure Presence: The Power of Being Free 11:00 AM CT
Pure Presence: The Power of Being Free with Bill Free
Episode: Magic

Join Rishi as he takes you through the practice of intuition and the mind training of A Course in Miracles, the practice of self-awareness, and what the Course says about magic. How does a Teacher of God deal with magic, and what is magic? It's an interesting use of the word, and we all experience a belief in dealing with magic. See what it is and how to deal with it in your life. 
Everyday Attraction 12:00 PM CT
Everyday Attraction with Rae Zander and Heather McKay Novak
Episode: Everyday Attraction

Tune in for today's episode.
Positive Power of Spirituality 1:00 PM CT
Positive Power of Spirituality with Rev. David Hulse
Episode: The Power of the Word

Rev. David Hulse delves deeply into the power of the spoken word. He notes: In the beginning there was the sound which became the thought which became the word. How does this process affect our lives? Rev. David explores this intriguing process.
Living in Joy 2:00 PM CT
Living in Joy with Lisa Natoli
Episode: What Is the Role of Words in Healing?

Are you ready for fast-track healing? Why is it that prayers are often not answered? We ask for health, wealth, great relationships, a purpose in life, and often, nothing happens. Why is that? Many people believe they "asked wrong" or "prayed wrong" and then they attempt to get the words right. But do the words you use really matter? (The answer is no, they do not matter.) What is it that matters in prayer that causes dramatic results? Would you be interested in knowing a practical, simple technique for healing? Have you been wanting to heal some aspect of your life and feel frustrated that not much is changing? Join Lisa Natoli as she gives a talk about how healing is accomplished. 
For more information about A Course in Miracles and the Teachers of God Foundation, visit teachersofgod.org.
Source Music 3:00 PM CT
Source Music with Sarah Lundquist-Galloway, M.Ed.
Episode: Jody Soland

A mix of country and folk, Positive Music artist Jody Soland shares her wonderful journey as an artist that took her from TV stardom, to padlocked doors, then back to the inspiration on nature. 

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